SKUOSC56-Tank Top – Egyptian Makò cotton

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Tank Top made of a delicate flat knit fabric in Pure Egyptian Makò cotton, extremely comfortable upon the skin due to its capacity to absorb up to 20% of water vapour without any unpleasant feeling of dampness. Featuring no side seams construction Oscalito’s super fine cotton tank top is resistant to high temperatures, tolerates frequent washing well and makes for uniquely pleasant and comfortable masculine underwear for your everyday life.

100% cotton

This superb underwear range is made from genuine Egyptian Makò cotton, one among the finest cotton in the world and renowned for a sheen and softness that regale the wearer with a true sense of well-being. The fibres are cultivated exclusively around the Egyptian Nile area which offers the necessary climatic conditions to unfold the perfection and outstanding staple length of precious Egyptian Makò cotton. The fibres are picked by hand and skilfully processed in a gentle, traditional method. The result can be experienced in the unmatched soft touch, the incomparably silky texture and the exquisite luxury of the fabric.
Makò Cotton’s noteworthy property is its hypoallergenicity, which makes it ideal for undergarments that are pleasing and fresh upon the skin.

  • Tank Top in Pure Egyptian Makò cotton
  • Capacity to absorb up to 20% of water vapour
  • Underwear for everyday life
  • Excellence Made in Italy