SKUOSC3416 – Long Sleeve Top with leavers

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Long Sleeves Top made of a precious and natural intimate blend of Merino extrafine wool and top quality pure silk with the most elegant and feminine French leavers lace, certified and numbered as true “Dentelle de Calais®”. Rib knit fabric, no side seams construction for a warm touch on your skin and the most comfortable fit on your body. This gorgeous garment can be worn easily as an outerwear everyday style, coming in several seasonal colors, offering an incredible soft feel and acting as a natural temperature regulator, perfect during the colder seasons.

70% wool 30% silk

This precious mixture of 70% top Tasmanian Super 100s extra fine Merino wool and 30% pure silk – obtained by combing same-length fibres – creates soft and pleasant garments that are beautiful and comfortable for any occasion. The tops dyeing, done before the yarn is formed, guarantees optimal solidity of colour and unparalleled resistance.

  • Long Sleeves Top in Merino extrafine wool and pure silk
  • Long Sleeves Top with French leavers lace
  • Comfortable fit
  • Excellence Made in Italy