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We have already talked about the wonderful features of Oscalito silk garments:  soft and precious, this natural fibre feels wonderful next to the skin.

Surprisingly though, silk is less delicate than you may think, and is often reinforced by blending with merino wool.

Care instructions for Oscalito silk garments

Although care instructions generally suggest hand-washing silk, this is not essential.  Nowadays, the silk and wool cycles on high-tech washing machines wash as or even more carefully than by hand.  What really counts is to use only a detergent for delicates, and the lowest possible water temperature.

Avoid all contact with harsh chemicals.

To keep the shine and crispness of your silk garments, there’s a trick:  on the last rinse-cycle, pour in a few drops of white vinegar.  Do not use fabric-softener.

Follow the same rules for drying silk as for wool:  away from heat-sources and sunlight, to prevent it yellowing.


Cotton is amongst the strongest and most durable of natural fibres:  unlike merino wool and silk, that need more care, cotton is tougher when wet than when dry and if wrongly washed, will not suffer too much harm.  However, there are ways to make cotton underwear last even longer.

Of course a high-temperature machine wash can be used for cotton (white linen up to 90°), but the best temperature to ensure that coloured garments retain their properties lies between 30° and 60°.

Cotton is known to shrink.  After the first washing, it may shrink by 5 to 10%; however, although the tops may look smaller, nonetheless retain their elasticity and wearability.  And the next time you wear the top, the fibres will loosen, and revert to their initial size.

Another cotton care trick:  although Oscalito tops will not usually fade, we suggest sorting items by colour to prevent white garments taking on a grey hue in the wash.  To avoid that, as we have said, a low-temperature wash is preferable for coloured items.

For difficult stains, there is no cause to worry:  if properly dosed, bleach can be used on white cotton items without damage.

A hot iron may be used on all cotton items, although Oscalito ribbed garments really need no ironing.

These are our tips for caring for cotton garments:  follow these tips, and your garments will withstand countless washes.  And you will enjoy wearing them for years.

Merino wool

Merino wool is Oscalito’s most complex natural raw material:  wool’s peculiar structure, made of overlapping keratin chips rather like roof-shingles, must be kept close and neat.  When wet, water does not lie on the fibre’s surface; absorbed into the structure’s chain, it leaks in.

There are two cases where these “chips” may become permanently snagged and matted:  through chemical action, by failure to use a wool-specific detergent and by the physical or mechanical action of water at too hot a temperature.

Although hand-washing might seem to be the best solution, it is not:  there is a risk of over-soaking the article and weakening its fibres. For many years now, high-tech washing machines have special cycles for delicate wool garments – some even certified by the Woolmark Company – to take care of merino items without damage.

Our tips are simple:  select a wool-wash or delicate cycle, use cold water and a small amount of detergent specially designed for wool garments.

Never use a clothes-dryer, and keep your knitwear away from all heat-sources. Merino wool retains its wonderful properties if allowed to away from sunlight.

Finally, a tip for storing woolen garments in summer:  if put away when not perfectly clean, a woolen garment will attract moths.  Both the wardrobe and garments must be washed.  Once all moisture has dried away, store the wool items in the coolest section of the wardrobe.

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