Behind On the Skin


Our philosophy is customer based and points to customer’s satisfaction in every aspect.
According to this philosophy, the design of successful collections and the high customization of our garments are equally important components of our proposal.
Strict quality controls are significant in every stage of the production in order to obtain a luxury end product without renouncing to extreme comfort and wellbeing.
We design and produce collections setting high standard to meet our client’s taste and will.

Founded in the second half of the 40’s the brand DANA immediately established itself as one of the finest Italian knit underwear manufacturers. The acquisition from the Pisarra Family in the 80’s, which added their surname to the brand ,marked the turning point for the brand evolution: innovative models, yarns ,cut and colors took the stage to shape the new DANAPISARRA identity.

The constant search and discovery of high-end fabrics and materials in natural fibers is one of the most distinctive features of the brand and is regarded as the competition advantage of DANAPISARRA.

To preserve the Italian tradition the masterful use of precious yarns, laces, embroideries and intriguing transparencies processed by our skilled and professional craftswomen, are realized and processed in a 100% Italian supply chain. The strict quality controls, carried out at every processing, guarantee a production of the highest sartorial level.
“we work in a unique way” to stay true, to our core mission: to preserve the artisanal Italian tradition.

Experience teaches us that low cost is a signal of labor exploitation, lowering of quality and unfortunately often of environmental pollution.
DANAPISARRA philosophy, strongly in conflict to all this, contributes and promotes a SUSTAINABLE FASHION in all respect.