Behind On the Skin


Annette Lingerie produces in Italy sleepwear and nightwear of high quality: confortable fabrics are enriched with precious lace and fine silk.

Our concept of innovation is developed in-house (expanding traditionalist knowledge through basic and applied research) and externally, collaborating with companies that provide us with the best application tools to improve each phase of the production chain.
The Annette Lingerie staff blends tradition with innovation: the sketch on paper becomes a computer sketch, the paper model is digitized and then cut with automatic cutting.
The innovations developed over the years have concerned both products and processes: this innovative approach (always incremental and never radical) has allowed us to better use the knowledge stored over time in order to respond to a constantly variable market demand.

The production of Annette Lingerie’s sleepwear and nightwear collections takes place exclusively in Italy, to keep the highest quality standards.
For us details make the difference: we choose with care the raw materials, we transform and enhance them using knowledge and secrets handed down for three generations.
The source of our competitive advantage is our human capital, in order to create an unique product, comfortable to wear and chic to show.
Our products are characterized by craftsmanship and tailoring: the precious lace that decorates the slits and necklines is cut by hand. The creative work of our stylists and the manual ability of our tailors allows us to identify ourselves as a company that produces a product classified as luxury but easily accessible to everyone.